The Importance of Writing

What do you think about practice of writing? There are four skills, Listening/Speaking/Reading/Writing, in English education. I believe that these four skills must be learned equally, but the majority of the learners do not regard writing as integral as the other skills. The reasons might be coming from the difficulty of learning Writing because they cannot do it if they are passive learners. In practicing the skill, learners have to use their own knowledge. You might think that practicing speaking is also difficult to learn by oneself. However, I think that it is a little different from writing. In case of speaking, they can somehow work on it by themselves by recording one’s voice, shadow reading, and so on. As for writing, trying it is hard because, it is necessary for the learner to have someone who corrects the sentences they made. They cannot improve the skill without having a feedback from the checker, so I reckon that it is tough to learn Writing part.

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